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We buy Magic and Pokemon singles! All prices based on Market Price Low. *

We do not accept damaged cards.

Magic: the Gathering

40% cash, 60% credit for non-foils

35% cash, 50% credit for foils

  • Cards over $2

  • Adjusted for condition

Bulk rates:

  • Rares/Mythics- Per 100: $4 cash, $6 credit

  • Commons/Uncommons- We are currently not accepting bulk commons/uncommons

  • Bulk must be upright and all facing the same direction. For large quantities, all bulk must be in single or multi row card boxes or the like.

  • Condition must be moderately played or better.

We do not accept non-English Magic cards, except for cards that are unique to that language (i.e. Japanese alternate-art Mystical Archive).​



40% cash, 60% credit

  • Cards over $2

  • Condition must be lightly played or better

Bulk rates:

  • We are currently not accepting bulk Pokemon cards.

We do not accept non-English Pokemon cards.

For larger collections, please make an appointment.

*Pricing may vary for items whose listed and Market prices greatly differ.

We reserve the right to alter trade prices or refuse trade on any items.

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