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About Us

Community is our passion.

Our Story

In March of 2020, just before COVID-19 shut down the country, I (Reson) went to a local game store with my second son (Logan), who was 10 at the time to look for Pokemon cards. Our whole family has had an affinity for Pokemon for a very long time. Around the end of 2020, my oldest son (Luk), who was 14 at the time suggested that we start a Youtube channel opening Pokemon cards. We decided to go for it. When looking for booster packs to buy, we found out that our local game store had changed locations. This new location had more space and accommodated more people in the store. As we began our venture into creating YouTube videos, we began falling in love with a community that we didn't realize had existed before. Going to buy Pokemon cards evolved into my sons and I hanging out at the store with the community. We learned Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and Luk even Dungeon Mastered a couple of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

As we continued to learn how to play these games, my wife (Aislynn) and other sons (Brody and Benjamin) began learning new games, too. This was an incredible time of family bonding, community bonding, as well as helping each of us cognitively because of how strategic these games are.

Unfortunately, our local game store went out of business, however, this presented us with an opportunity that we had not considered before: what if we opened our own local game store? Through significant prayer, and seeing God move in ways that we would not have ever expected, it became clear to us that we were going to be store owners with some good friends. 

So here we are.

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